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Co-owners Brian Hostetler and Greg Durthaler have crafted Piano Solutions into a comprehensive piano refurbishing, sales and service business.

It’s all backwards. You enter into a storefront area filled with vintage pianos and an all-but-hidden desk sitting to the far left. Did I just walk in the back door? Where are the luxurious showrooms, water fountains, and granite floors?

An opened doorway leads you directly into a large workshop area where pianos are sitting in various stages of repair and restoration. Parts and tools are scattered across work tables, all within the reach of technicians who are busy restoring heirloom instruments to their original quality of sound and structure.

Each piano has its own complete process of being built. Restoration follows the original design of first construction. When the work is completed with a used piano, the gift of being restored has been carefully and painstakingly delivered. The atmosphere within this area invites a visitor to inquire about the history of these wonderful musical instruments. The stories told are magical.

Piano Solutions is backwards of what you might expect from a piano retailer, but it is exactly how it should be as most people looking to buy a piano, either new or used, have no idea about the anatomy of the instrument or the differences between the various piano types. Having a shop immediately inside the front door reinforces the true nature of Piano Solutions’ business with emphasis on quality and piano repair services.

Piano Solutions was selected to restore legendary composer Hoagy Carmichael’s piano.

Once you’ve had a chance to see the structuring of different pianos, you are ready to venture on to the adjacent showroom and recital hall that houses nearly 300 pianos. These areas present an impressive array of new and used pianos from around the world. With prices ranging from $500 to more than $200,000, customers have an open invitation to sit down and play. There are no “Do Not Touch” signs at Piano Solutions, even for the $200,000+ C. Bechstein grand piano that sits among other notable brands such as Estonia, Kawai, Kohler & Campbell, Wm. Knabe, Pearl River and Charles Walter (an Indiana-made piano).

Co-owners Greg Durthaler and Brian Hostetler have crafted their business into a comprehensive rebuilding and service company that just happens to sell quite a few pianos. They are considered piano historians with a national reputation for delivering restoration excellence in this industry.

Since 2000, Piano Solutions has sponsored and directed the Indiana Young Hoosier Piano Competition. This two-month statewide piano competition uniquely accepts pianists of all skill levels and musical interest and had more than 600 performances last year.

“When people walk through our front door, we know they’ve already made up their minds to buy a piano. They are looking for direction and our job is to help them select an instrument that meets their musical needs and budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune when buying a good piano, and being able to service every brand we sell is an important part of our identity,” explains Durthaler.

Their unique trade-back program provides customers with a risk-free purchasing experience—allowing the original piano purchased to be traded for more instrument as players improve.

“One of the most rewarding components of our business is when people call us and purchase pianos sight unseen. They trust us to find a piano that will serve them both musically and aesthetically. That’s quite an honor and it’s what Brian and I and our whole team strive for every day,” he adds with thoughtful reflection.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a piano as a stringed instrument having steel wire strings that sound when struck by felt-covered hammers operated from a keyboard. It should be noted that these sounds emit a musical tone that by any definition is pure magic.

If you’re shopping for a piano, it’s highly recommended that you visit Piano Solutions — the reverse designed piano company. As you listen, you will hear the sounds of music created by this wonderful, centuries-old instrument. Time spent at Piano Solutions can indeed be a magical experience.

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