Mother/Daughter Team Stitches Together a New Business: The French Seam

French Seam

Mother daughter duo Linda Compton and Courtney Young turned their love of fabric and fashion into the French Seam.

Opening the French Seam in May of this year was a dream come true for mother Linda Compton and daughter Courtney Young. After years of tireless research and business planning, the two seamstresses dove right into their exciting venture.

Courtney proudly said, “My mother and I are both self-taught sewers and have been sewing our whole lives. My grandmother taught my mother and my mother taught me. Sewing has seen such a resurgence over the past few years, as people are looking for new ways to express themselves creatively. We felt that there was a need to offer the creative community in Indiana an option for finding quality fabrics locally, as well as supporting independent pattern designers by carrying their products in our shop.”

Courtney has a business degree from Marion University, and her mother has started several successful businesses. They are thrilled to be working on this venture together.

The French Seam offers fine fabrics including woolens, cottons, linens, silks, designer fashion fabrics, European fabrics from France and Italy and a wide selection of modern cottons. “We also have a wide variety of sewing patterns, books and notions. The shop is also currently getting ready to launch sewing classes in our studio for all skill levels, including introductory classes for those new to sewing,” Courtney added.

The main goal for the The French Seam is to be able to continue to offer fine fabrics to sewers throughout the region. They have attracted customers from outside of the state and would like to become a destination shop for people seeking the best fabrics for their creative projects. They want to reinforce that the Indianapolis community is thriving, and sewing is a hobby/art that anyone can learn at any point in their life.

Like any new business, the sewing duo has had some challenges. One of the biggest challenges was developing an idea of what the store should be like. To their knowledge, a new fine fashion fabric store hadn’t opened in this part of the country for the past 10-20 years.

When asked about any advice she might give a new business owner, Courtney said, “The most important thing that we did was over two years of market research on our business. We travelled all over the country exploring different types of hobby stores. It was so important in helping us develop our version of what a modern fabric store should look like. Without that research, this venture never would have happened. The short answer is… do your homework.”

Courtney’s favorite quote? Smiling, she quickly said, “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” (Katherine Hepburn). It certainly looks that way!

For more information on The French Seam, go to: or call (317) 841-1810. Drop an email to

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