Church Plant Incubator at the Aspen Group


Lynn Noe, Customer Relations Coordinator at the Aspen Group in Carmel.

As Carmel sees rapid growth in population we are seeing parallel growth in the number of churches moving into the area. Interestingly, most of these new churches will not build a new building but will meet in a school or other rented spaces. These types of churches are called “church plants.”

Several months ago, we profiled a church plant called itown church which meets in a local elementary school. Itown is just one example of several new church plants in Carmel.

One of the inherent issues of church plants is the lack of meeting space for church staff to hold meetings during the week. Many church plants are making use of local coffee shops and eateries to hold meetings, but what about when they need to hold confidential meetings or counseling sessions?

A local organization sought to fix those issues. The Aspen Group, an innovative church design and construction group with an office here in Carmel, recognized the need and sought to do something about it.

Lynn Noe, customer relations coordinator for the Aspen Group, has been the leader in this project and is starting to see her idea and hard work come to fruition.

Noe’s idea was to take unused space in their office and turn it into a modern “church plant incubator.” Her idea included turning the excess space into different meeting rooms so church plants could hold meetings or private counseling sessions with congregants in an environment that suits their needs.

President of the Aspen Group Ed Bahler.

President of the Aspen Group, Ed Bahler.

The church plant incubator includes several different spaces. The Fireside Room includes relaxed seating for four, a phone and a fireplace. The Scenic View Conference Room includes a conference table with seating for six, a phone and a whiteboard. The Collaboration Room includes a conference table with seating for twenty, a phone and a projector.

The Aspen Group provides these spaces at no cost and even includes Wifi and coffee! Noe and the Aspen Group ultimately want these spaces to be available for church planters who need a space on weekdays for meetings, counseling or just a quiet place to reflect.

The Aspen Group is located at 90 Executive Drive in Carmel. They can be found online at and on Twitter @Aspen_Group. If you are a church or nonprofit interested in more information or wanting to reserve a space, please contact Lynn Noe at 317-582-5100 ext. 129 or email her at

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