Tom Britt, Publisher of the Carmel Community Newsletter

Tom Britt, Publisher of the Carmel Community Newsletter

What do Zionsville and Carmel have in common? Good news, good neighbors, and now your own community newsletter.

First, a little bit about us. All of our writers and photographers are local Carmel residents, just like you. We don’t have an office building or a 30-minute commute; we all work from our homes. Our focus is on supporting the community of Carmel by highlighting the people behind the scenes that make it a special place to live and work. It’s our firm belief that the mortar holding any community together is the non-profits and charitable organizations. Our stories will concentrate on the people who make up the diverse population found in Carmel.

For nearly three years we’ve been publishing the Carmel Community Newsletter, a monthly print publication mailed free of charge to nearly 13,000 of our Carmel neighbors each month. You are invited to contribute through any of our online assets including,,, and Homeowners association news, event photos, free classified ads, home videos, garage sale notices, and even coupons can be submitted through our online websites and shared with your neighbors.

I invite you to participate in your new community publication. Its your voice, your stories, your thoughts, and your neighbors we want to hear about. Our mission is to provide a platform to support the community of Carmel. The best gift you can give us in return is your feedback and participation.

For those of you that would like to write for our publication, we welcome your stories and ideas. Through Twitter and Facebook, we’ve already recruited some very talented writers, photographers, and even an illustrator from Carmel. We need more. Thank you for the warm welcome, I look forward to serving your great community of Carmel.

Contact info:
PO Box 36097
Indianapolis, IN 46236
(317) 823-5060 phone
(317) 536-3030 fax

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  1. Mark says - Posted: December 30, 2010

    I enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday, following auditions at the Palladium. I like the AtCarmel website, and will be back soon to see the video interview.

    Mark Abraham

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